Why us



The world response to the cataclysm of September 11 2001 terror attacks was broad based, with massive initiatives undertaken in the belief that the global security landscape as well as key national installations, needed revamp to provide citizens with better security.

The outlook of the global security arena changed profoundly. Extensive confidence in the safety of critical systems such as the commercial aviation were in doubts and the old-school of confidence were lost, that terrorism would be a tactic.

Trivox™ seen it all. By providing strategic insights and practical policy solutions to decision makers, we seek to advance global security and prosperity in an era of economic downturn and political transformation. In addition, we serve as a strategic planning partner for clients by conducting research, analysis and developing policy initiatives that look into the future, anticipating problems.

Trivox™ specialists will propose reforms to those who trust,


With over two decades of experience in the elite security arena, we

  •  Honour secrecy - handling every piece of information or document in strict confidence
  •  Take pride in our work to make clients look/feel good
  •   Are capable of being flexible and amiable to the operating environment
  •  Co-work with your architect or engineer for wholesome security master plans
  •  Can operate at optimal levels under a variety of adverse conditions
  •  Have established global network to complement security plans
  •  We evaluate and select the most cost-effective solutions for your business and family
  •  Further value add by assisting clients to source for the ideal “secured” premise which will help minimize the cost of insurance and security implementation
  •   Provide maintenance option by visits to site, auditing security systems, training of staff & facility management

Trivox™ benchmark itself with the very best organisations internationally & thus, enable us to constantly raise our performance bar & weed out weak competitors.

We also inspire each agent with optimism and ignite the passion within every individual. Agents’ engagement at every level is the key to where people create extraordinary results. We ensure that every single agent at Trivox™ is equipped with adequate knowledge and opportunities to grow. Openness in communication is what drives the dynamism in Trivox™.

Our agents are valuable assets of us & we employ only the best. All agents are strawberry-picked with stringent criteria and undergone a strenuous selection process before they pride themselves to pen their name next to Trivox™.



We leave no man behind & are answerable for all our endeavours. Agents are committed to exceed expectations & our clients will have utmost confidence in certainty of our strength, ability & relationship. We earn that trust by providing internationally accepted quality standards of service & value.

We are the Trust.



We are experienced professionals and possess the ability to recover from a failure, turn scarcity of key resources to effect the successful execution of an operation. We operate a streamline organisation that purges itself on solving issues lean & economically.

We hand-deliver, the best value for the best price.



Trivox™ agents support the quality of honesty and truthfulness by providing assurance and instilling personal discipline to deliver the utmost standards of ethics and professionalism. The steadfast adherence to a strict moral & ethical code creates exceptional products and services in response to clients’ need.

We are the truth.

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