Very important person’s (VIP’s) such as celebrities, high profile politicians, and business executives; to safeguard them we also do provide best safety and security services. It includes highly skilled and trained bodyguards, who are screened and selected from around the world to offer security services here in Singapore.

Our VIP protection is not just like driving fast and fancy cars and anonymously shooting to protect a very important person by a bodyguard but to have proper planning and decision making, root cause analysis, also effective communication so that VIP protection is efficient.

Our VIP protection services also includes quick and immediate response of security threats to VIP’s to make sure no any harm to VIP’s or innocent bystanders.

VIP protection usually includes secure movement of VIP person within different places; we confirm that our bodyguards or drivers are highly skilled and best driver respectively who can navigate through safe places/areas quickly in case of urgency or incidents such as security breach or hijack etc.

Our bodyguards who offer protection for VIP’s will be having tremendous surveillance skills and will be able to predict suspicious movement of people around them in the sense to provide effective safety and protection to complete safe entry and exit criteria to escape in uncertain situation within identified locations.

Whenever security threat comes within VIP protection, our VIP protection service individuals will react through exceptional experience to overcome from such incidents.

We believe in providing high-tech and fully secured protection to VIP’s without harm or even a scratch by our exceptional VIP protection team efforts.

Our security consultancy portfolio towards VIP protection, safety and security focuses on providing world’s best security solutions to become one of the big brand companions.

VIP protection services include both companion and bodyguard services, in which we complete the security for any individual, celebrities, corporate and business leaders who require private safety and protections.

Our consultants have immense experience in defense, ambulances, mental health services, law enforcement, health workers and private security services. We deliver our services professionally and with best quality work. We also offer security services in private events, weddings, birthday parties, along with other occasions where proper security planning is required.

We prioritize our VIP protection services in order to achieve discretion and confidentiality. Our operators, security personnel, drivers and other member of our team are subject to follow our confidentiality policy and procedures. They all are also trained and educated to achieve your confidentiality requirements. Our security personnel will be equipped with standard level of outfits and with required metals and materials. They are also trained to decide and take quick decision, tactics, and techniques. Our drivers are selected by taking many driving test to ensure that they are best drivers, must be capable of driving and handling the situational movement.

In Singapore, we have several missions and services performed, strong contact networks from both operators and authorities. Our security team and drivers are well known to the areas of Singapore to navigate safely by also considering area-wise safety and controls. We make sure your protection will be hassle free, ignoring crowds and traffic areas.

“Your protection is our Aim” is our slogan for VIP Protection Services.

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