Our consultancy towards vehicle security management bear out tremendous efforts to evaluate and implement experienced security personnel to control and manage traffic effectively.

We provide vehicle security management policy and procedures after evaluating and reviewing the risks of theft of or from vehicles within your organization’s infrastructure.

We ensure that acceptable security measures are in place before purchasing or leasing company vehicles which is done through vendor evaluation.

Our focal point is to make sure that malicious impact or other threats to vehicles are in control and being monitored everyday otherwise this may effect as in damage, cost, disruptions, schedules and normal business activities.

We provide proper security arrangements and solutions which ensures exit and entry entrance is safe and secure with respect to protecting vehicles and company staffs, it may includes fencing, access barriers, lightning, undercarriage inspector, surveillance etc.

Vehicle security management identifies risk factors which includes vehicle risk factor, journey risk factors, driver risk factors, site risk factors and management controls. In addition to vehicle risk factors, we identify age of fleet, avoidance of collision and survivability, goods carried, checking and maintenance of vehicles. To overcome from vehicle risk factor, we follow a clear policy which helps us to identify maximum age and mileage of all vehicles including privately owned used for business purposes. We ensure that policy and procedures are communicated and understood by every employee. Shortest replacement times or lower mileages, aim to follow best practices for replacement of vehicles. Private vehicles which are used for work related drives are also mandate to follow same policies and procedures to ensure consistency.

We ensure that policy is in place which specifies improvement and controls on vehicle risk factors. It may includes acceptable level of safety features and functions that vehicle must have which is being used for the purpose of work related journeys. Policies, procedures and guidance must be advised to each employee to ensure that whenever they purchase a car or any vehicle which may used for company purpose has minimal level of safety measures inbuilt in that vehicle.

For collision avoidance and survivability, we ensure that vehicles are designed such that it offers features which may reduce the risk likelihood of vehicle collision and any injury to occupants. Survivability features for protection and security of the vehicle and occupant in case of collision happens. We consider both aspects of reducing vehicle damage and increase vehicle occupant safety.

Goods carried in vehicles may result in exposure towards liability in case of goods considered as hazardous, flammable, acids or chemical items. We follow proper procedure to secure movement of vehicle by checking goods carried in each vehicle for example checking on loaded vehicle, stowage, hazardous, and attractive or fragile goods. Alarm systems are included for vehicle security in vehicle procurement requirements.

Periodic vehicle inspection, checking and maintenance, ensuring that vehicles are being serviced in timely manner

Policy and procedure is periodically reviewed to consider technology advancements in cars and vehicle occupant security. Also intend to give additional security equipments to all employees such as life hammer, fluorescent jackets, tyre tread-depth, pressure gauge etc.

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