Trivox™ Shooting Simulator is a world leader in the design/manufacture/sales of interactive simulators for the purpose of public safety/security and military training. In addition to the simulators Trivox™ produces, Trivox™ also creates training content to be utilized within the simulators or as a stand-alone product. The strength of Trivox™ is the ability to be a resource and a solution for the assurance that learning is taking place. In the Public safety/security and military arena there is a never-ending thirst and requirement for new and continual training.

Singapore Shooting Simulation

Trivox™ Shooting Simulator has recently created “Fight-Flight” program for the purpose of answering the need for professional shooting ranges/clubs/and shooting organizations worldwide, to have the ability to “shoot” in a safe environment. Trivox™ Shooting Simulator technology used in Law Enforcement training is the latest in video technology. The RED camera that has been used to produce Hollywood movies in 4k resolution is used to produce the professional Trivox™ Shooting Simulator Training scenarios.Attention to every detail is paramount in creating the most realistic scenarios.

Shooting Simulation Singapore

Realism – Basic Principle

Trivox™ Fight-Flight and Fight-World training principle is emphasising on experiential learning.

The system offers realism.

  • All Scenarios are filmed in the latest HD video format. The HD projection screen is in a wide format to visually broaden the trainees view.
  • The system has 5.1-surround sound native to every scenario. Sound effects can be played in real time, from any direction, during a training session to enhance the scenario realism.
  • Professional actors are used during the filming of scenarios for realism.
  • Scenarios are written by Law Enforcement/Military professionals and real life situations are constantly being re-enacted for training points.
  • The Fight-Flight and Fight-World system can operate in considerable light conditions; there is no need for a specialised dark room. Every scenario is filmed in bright light and the computer can adjust the lighting level on a sliding scale from bright to total darkness.
  • The student can choose to use actual flashlights for additional light during a scenario. The system can control other environmental options in the room, i.e. light bar, strobe light, fog machine, wind, etc.


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