When having a security system, why not simply hire a company that sells the equipment or who sells security guard services via a competitive bid process?


Through the consultation with our staff & communications with you, Trivox™ undertake to provide the most up-to-date personal yet discreet attention to specific needs. Our high level of affability enables us to operate in extreme conditions, by providing the most efficient plan of direction and cost effectiveness of execution such as;

Trivox™ is here to make the world a safer place. Trivox™ Security Management Specialists, who were once in elite military or VIP protective service, are dedicated 24-7 to you. Our close knitted family culture of professional operatives with the knowledge of international accepted standards, will work closely with you to ensure a holistic security.

To serve & protect you treasure, allow us to shoulder the complex security problems for your total security & well-being so you are free to focus tasks at hand.

We make security yours & will be the reason for you to sleep under the warmth of your blanket in a chilly night.

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