Trivox™ Training & Education

Trivox™ Protection Training

The most comprehensive training methodology from the vast experience to help agencies develop the minimum criteria essential to meet the need of providing effective security to its clients. Advance courses are available for security officers familiar with the current security system & are extremely crucial for assessing and containing potential threats. We are well versed in emergency procedures and able to work closely and effectively with public safety personnel & with organisations to ensure that emergency procedures can be implemented successfully.

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Trivox™ Red Fox (Security Audit)

With a security system already in place, or just want to know how vulnerable an establishment is, the only way to find out is to do the “Real Thing”. Not only will it keep the security forces on the toes, it also gives a reality-check to the competency & complacency level. One can never predict what threat to be facing for a particular area thus, such program is necessary to handle any short-coming of the system.

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Trivox™ Close Quarter Combat Training (CQC)

Emphasising on experiential learning, innovative unarmed combat lessons to prepare participants on the after-shocks of event & emotional hijacks. They will learn how to handle armed/unarmed aggression & the essential survival tactics in any confrontation.

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Trivox™ Ops Tactics Training

Offering the unique opportunity to learn the basic skills of VIP Protection. The basic instruction includes principles, procedures and techniques necessary to get out of a sinking situation with the VIP & also available is the advanced philosophy, communication, employment techniques, weapons training and small unit tactics; teaching the skills necessary for the successful service in the special tactics community. The practical drilling of tactics ensures the competency standard is of the highest.

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Trivox™ Education

With our vast experience in the security arena. We provide free security awareness presentations to schools and government seminars in the objective of making the world a safer place.

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Trivox™ Shooting Simulator

Trivox™ Shooting Simulator is a world leader in the design/manufacture/sales of interactive simulators for the purpose of public safety/security and military training. In addition to the simulators Trivox™ produces, Trivox™ also creates training content to be utilized within the simulators or as a stand-alone
product. The strength of Trivox™ is the ability to be a resource and a solution for the assurance that learning is taking place.
The Trivox™ Shooting Simulator (Fight-Flight) system live fire option allows the customer to use their own firearm for use of force training and for Marksmanship training. The live fire option includes a specialized laser that mounts to the customer’s firearm that allows the system to recognize the bullet
placement on the screen, and includes all of the features and functions of the Trivox™ Shooting Simulator (Fight-Flight).
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