TRIVOX™ Executive Liaison program enables communication to travel as a constant within all parties.

With our rich experience in the security arena, With Trust, Resilience & Integrity will come along with information sharing, cooperation, and consistency to avoid “locking the barn door after the horse has left” syndrome, which is reaction instead of prevention.

TRIVOX™ Executive Liaison Specialist shall be the point of contact for security related requests, issues, and most importantly communicating the same language with all parties involved to achieve the desired outcome. They are also responsible for reviewing completed security requests and convey them to the clients with recommended internationally accepted solutions.


The Need


Incubator Consultancy

Culture Doing business in a foreign land beneath lying centuries of that will take years for one to comprehend
Mindset Understanding the mindset will avoid being caught flat-footed in unexpected situations
Complexity Complex societies which businesses need the right approach to strike a match
Bureaucracy Arduous process to get past the layers who filter things out before the top level decision makers


Security Consultancy

Insider trading Local assistance pilferage
Cost & Time Businesses setting up around sensitive political areas are required to abide sets of complex environment
Travelling Unknown driver/person pick-up. Getting to pay more than necessary and end up in an unintended venue
Misunderstanding Most businesses paid for security which they do not understand
Optimisation Businesses lose more profit while dealing with non-profit generating activities



Developing business in foreign land, we understand business-owners are putting their biggest assets at risk – The Company.

Millions of dollars & valuable time are spent to have work done on this primary asset. When negotiation starts, a parade of strangers come into their business place to do a variety of presentations which business-owners do not really understand.

It is confusing, messy, and will interrupt literally every routine the business-owners follow. Most business-owners have never gone through this & would not know what to expect. Furthermore, most are “sales” driven. The result would likely, not to be better based on your terms & standard request at a lower cost to you.

Helping to deal effectively and efficiently with this demanding process is one of our biggest tasks. While there is a need to manage the process through strategic planning, negotiations & communications, we assure results churned out are of international accepted standards.


Our Role

TRIVOX™ Executive Liaison Specialist , helps business-owners understand the steps involved & guides them through this difficult time.

We are professionally committed to serving with physical presence in Singapore, Vietnam & China.

As qualified Crisis Negotiators in the elite VIP protection unit before, we possess strong negotiating skills needed to ensure clients’ competitive pricing and quality objectives. We ensure transparencies.

As a Singapore based firm, exposure to multi-racial society and having the knowledge of respecting the global culture, such as the Westerns, Europeans, Indians, Muslims and Chinese. We possess an advantage edge.

TRIVOX™ have staffs whom are bi-cultural and bilingual in English/Mandarin or English/Vietnamese or Vietnamese/Mandarin. Other languages such as French, German, Arabic are also available. These attributes logically warrant us as an effective linking bridge to the global economy and the success rate of quality communication as well as fostering the right relationship is made better.

We are not affiliated with any of the products or services we recommend.

This important feature of independence ensures that services rendered and advice offered is in the best interests of our clients and not influenced by the hope of a “future sale”.

TRIVOX™ Executive Liaison is a relationship business, not a numbers game. We accept only assignments for which we are qualified & do not sell a commodity — we sell a service.

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