Trivox™ Security Consultancy

Trivox™ is a knowledgeable unbiased firm to assist management in developing security plans to meet demands. We serve as an additional entity to augment your security resources or to provide turnkey prompt resolutions to security issues. We keep life up and running by creating a resilient environment and mitigating the impact of disruptions aligned to needs.

The Need

  • Businesses which have been faced with security problems. Whether or not, the company’s growth is tied to an unstable country, the threats & risks involved are always increasingly abundant.
  • Businesses or properties require security expertise to solve problems and develop security plans that is precise to needs so as to save time & money.
  • Individuals who are exposed to imminent personal risk due to their employment, status, wealth, associations or geographical location.
  • Security companies who require professionals to provide an external perspective to enhance their credibility which can often add to security plans while remaining objective in defining solutions. In addition, identify roles/responsibilities to have clear linkages to the overall mission.
  • Clients who are not au-fait with Security being an in-depth subject which entails technicality & tactical strategies.


Today’s criminals can strike at any place & time with a wide array of weapons & tools.

Globalisation is prying open vast new markets & technology is plowing ahead, transforming entire industries, creating services we never imagined. Business minded people including terrorists are capitalising the markets in every way. Globalisation & technology can also drive changes of unimaginable sorts. Despite the aura of limitless possibilities, our lives evolve in ways we can control only if we recognise the new landscape. It is time to take an unblinking look.

  • Fight terror & crime steadily, with prudence & meticulous planning.
  • Prevail & deter would-be perpetrators harming physical assets. E.g. home, offices, documents, family, staffs.
  • Protect clients’ vulnerable interests thru an integrated wholesome security planning.
  • Essentially adopt straightforward & very “do-able” tactics to address the security threats, risks & the vulnerabilities.
  • Implement effective integrated security systems to render not just security but trusted security.

Our Role

Trivox™ Consultants are responsible for developing security plans based on estimated risks & threats – natural or terrorist. Tasked with the security & safety of the environment in which they operate, with whom they work, they set out plans on how to manage change & conduct crucial threat & risk assessments – the basis for all integrated security planning. Security systems & processes are designed to minimise not just failure but also to mitigate the magnitude of specific failures. This is inherent in any risk-based approach to security.

We will conduct proper planning which can also reduce the threat of panic, the most contagious of all human emotions especially during a crisis. Panic is sudden, unreasoning, excessive, infectious terror. Once a state of panic has been reached, the potential for injury & property damage is greatly increased. Trivox™ Consultants will also prepare clients on dealings with “After-Shock”.

It is not enough to just build the best home or business & neglect to protect. Trivox™ Consultants will constantly work to minimise security lapses & can also assure you that the security system is layered & robust, structured to minimise serious consequences.

Trivox™ sets apart from competitors who are staunch equipment geeks & profiteers of the sophisticated and complicated. Through proper planning & preparation, even with your architect or engineer, we can reduce the accessibility of crimes & identify those areas that can be “hardened” against the potential perpetrators. Not forgetting, also, countless security threats that we may face, both natural & man-made.
Working Art into Security, the goal is to convince potential perpetrators that the likely costs of attack exceed the value of making the attack.

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