About us

Trivox™ is proud to bear the flag of Singapore, providing top-notch security services and products internationally. For two decades, we have been in a niche security industry, travelling around the globe taking care of clients’ needs.



From day-to-day physical security to a multitude of security challenges. These include workplace violence, threats from ex-employees, militant environmentalists, theft of proprietary information and acts of sabotage.

With invaluable experiences operating within the higher echelons worldwide, we have converged to helping executives freeing their lives from complex security problems that can plague a business focus. We do this by bringing in a new concept of security which has never been attempted before by the industry to date.

At Trivox™, our prerogative is to assist clients identify needs and solve problems. We help to make sense of security and give the best value for dollar, while supplying a superior standard of protection. The sources and network established are trusted, resilient and possessed a high level of integrity.

Drafting customised and comprehensive plans, clients can focus on what is important to them and their families. As an individual, we too experience the same problems before and we acknowledge that in today’s crowded marketplace, it is increasingly difficult to discern a difference between similar products. By offering internationally accepted standards, we protect clients’ interests ensuring they are covered today and in the future.

For those who trust, Trivox™ assures the best available professional services and personally see clients through arduous times and at sensitive circumstances. Wherever they are, Whatever it takes.




While we are based in Singapore, a highly developed market-based economy which historically revolves around extended entrepot trade, Singapore is one of the Four Asian Tigers. Emulating, Trivox™ services aimed at a rapidly expanding multi-national clientele and are prepared to efficiently meet the human and material demands of our clients worldwide.

The name Trivox™ will be one of the most recognisable in the globe. With increasing economic globalisation, the company would best serve its clients with an international structure. The provision of services to clients will not be restricted within any geographic borders and our operational excellence commands respect from around the world.

Trivox™ will adhere to a set of business practices which results in growth and achievement. These practices are based on expertise and total commitment to clients’ needs across products, management, training and consulting services.



The founder of Trivox™ served in the premier VIP protection unit of Singapore for more than a decade, taking care of top profile and sensitive political figures in the Republic. Due to the secrecy under oath, information provided herein is in brevity.

Due to his specialisation and valuable experience, he was assigned to multiple assignments to protect foreign dignitaries including the President and the Defense Secretary of The United States.

Rising up the ranks, from a field agent, he entered the executive wing with the position of planning and developing the organisation directions, overseeing intelligence activities and personnel training for the unit.

In his stint of service, he has established and managed a wide network from around the globe with people from all walks of life and witnessed through periods of boom, recession and bust.

His concept of business now, is to bring security to greater heights and create awareness among people of the importance and long taken-for-granted element of a basic human need – Security.

People associate the name and the familiar black and gold colours with trust, resilience and integrity. Trivox™ provides protection for those who comprehend the need as we act ethically and legally to meet our contractual commitments. We create value with limited resources.

High standards of ethics and services are applied to conceptualise the full ‘Security’ services, contributing significantly to the strength of ones quality life and importantly, satisfy the “basic human need”.

Trivox™ is remarkable; the company has a noble cause – To Serve and Protect, leaving no one behind.

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